Who we are?

We are a company for high-end home media entertainment. We are authorized dealers for many of the best brands in the world. We have chosen the best brand for our customers to make sure they are satisfied.

We are not just retailers. We also build, design, and do installation and calibration and make sure everything runs as it is meant to be.

All our products have a warranty, and we provide services after sale like update firmware and recalibration.

The C.E.O Abdulrahman AL-Mejmad has great experience in home theater and Hi-Fi system. They have traveled the world and tested every Singel system and learn about it before even they sale it to customers.

We have been having remarkable success since we started our company in 2021. Cinematic Kuwait now is one of the best few companies in Kuwait for home theater and Hi-fi. And we are very proud our customers trust in us. And we promise that we will keep doing our best to give them the best.

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