Aperion DST Dual Firing AMT Ribbon Super Tweeter Speaker Pair

Product Type : Speaker

Brand : Aperion sound

308.840 KWD


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Our new Flagship APERION® Dual AMT Super tweeter delivers quick dynamics and an ultra-clear high frequency transient response, expanding the atmospheric sound stage like you've never heard before. The light, airy highs produced by our AMT super tweeter are incredibly smooth, providing an effect which transports you even further into the sonic abyss of your music and movies.

Tech FAQ - The actual size of the driver is 3.19 x 1.34 inches (81mm x 34mm). The thickness of the Kapton is 12.5 μm, the Aluminum is 20 μm, in total thickness of 44 μm. Sensitivity was tested using 2.83v @ 1 meter. The crossover is Butterworth. Using FR4 pcb board, and Aperion custom capacitors. The internal cables are high purity copper to minimize resistance. It is a single ribbon, with dual firing open baffle. The driving force of this transducer is evenly distributed over the entire vibrating element.

The AMT can be suitably matched with any speaker whose sensitivity is between 87-98 dB, so this higher SPL rating allows the Dual AMT to be matched with power hungry speakers. While we've received plenty of stunning feedback on the Dual AMT's predecessors, we had an AMT style design in mind from the start - after years of development, we are proud to announce the Dual Air Motion Super Tweeter.


Product Weight3.5 lbs/1.6 Kg per each
Frequency Response8 kHz - 40 kHz
Crossover Points8K, 10K, 12K, 14K, 16K & off
Crossover Slope6 dB/octave
Impedance4 Ohms
Sensitivity96 dB
Recommended Power10 - 150 Watts
Direct Power Handling20 Watts
TweeterAPERION® Air Motion Transformer AMT
Product Dimensions4.9" x 5.1" x 6.9" / 125 x 130 x 175 (HxWxD)
Product FamilySuper Tweeter
Placement LocationOn top of speakers
Shipping Weight8.2 lbs/ 3.7 Kg per pair
Shipping Dimensions13" x 7.5" x 8"/340 x 190 x 205mm (LxWxH)

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